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Putting Ideas to Paper

Biggest problem for me is to stop coming up with ideas for any particular design.  There are times I say, “That’s IT!  No more!”, but then I think of something else that I can add without doing much else.  Or, while working to add what I had already planned on adding, I think of ways of enhancing it, and in doing so, adding even more.  How do you cope with that?  I guess it’s time to start writing it all down and push it to a future version, maybe.  assuming I’m crazy enough to do it again.

So, for lack of a better place to put these down, here goes:

  • add ability to use folders on uSD card
  • with the above, add the necessary switch or switches so a user can navigate
  • come up with a way to send music cues wireless and trigger changes
  • alternatively, come up with a way to change based on music cues written to the control file
  • add a gyro/accelerometer for static images (way, way out in the future perhaps)

There are other things that I thought of, but I can’t remember everything right now.  I suppose as I think of more, I’ll add them to the list.  For now, this’ll have to do.