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Not Enough Time

It’s nice to have options, or ideas.  It’s hard realizing you don’t have the time.

Having a creative mind can, at times, be quite fun.  Other times, it drives me up the wall.  With the POV Poi design I’ve been working on, I’m also thinking of a staff of sorts.  One idea is to take two of the poi batons and join them together with another center piece so it becomes one long staff.  That is fairly easy to achieve.  However, I’ve also bee toying with the idea of creating an actual staff, with wider ends, sort of like having the wrapped ends on a fire poi, but instead with LEDs.  Where does one find the time to develop all of these ideas of mine?!

Here the idea is to have both ends be individually controlled from the rest of the staff.  This poses some challenges as far as programming goes: how do you separate the two?  If you’re reading a pattern from a micro SD card, not you’re reading two patterns, one for the staff itself, and another for the ends.  And if you plan on having them interact with each other, for example, if you have a chase on the staff starting near center and chasing outwards with the ends lighting up when the chase gets there, sort of like an explosion, that adds complexity.  On the other hand, if you just want a pattern on the inner part, and another pattern on the outer, with no interaction between the two, that’s much easier to deal with, but it makes for a rather static staff.

Again, there’s the issue of balance.  The batteries would have to be moved to the outside, possibly put inside of the tips.  On the plus side, it allows for more batteries to be installed.  The bad side will be recharging all of them with one connection.  This will definitely have to be a wall plugin to charge them all.  I’m now looking at double everything …  maybe.  Might be able to stick to one controller still.  Just more GPIO pins will be needed.


Dear Brain,

Stop coming up with ideas!

Thank you.