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Code Freeze!

I’ve come to realize that I have too many ideas in my feeble little brain to add to this project.  However, I also realize that if I continue to develop and incorporate them, I will never get to a product I can call “final”.  So, as of today, I have frozen the current code.  It is what it is, and it will remain as such.  I will continue to work on what’s currently there, bug fixes, small improvements, however I won’t be adding anymore features.  Anything left on the list will remain there for the next revision.  There’s just too much to be working on right now and I continue to push the project further back because of that.  No more!


So, with that said, here’s where the project stands:

  • Four strips of 48 full color LEDs arranged in a square tube shape, inside of a round polycarbonate tube.
  • Final tube length will be somewhere around 18″, though we are diligently working to make that shorter by an inch or two.
  • One Li-Ion battery to power the whole unit, which also includes a charging circuit for the battery.  Charging will be done via a USB connection.
  • The light stick can use full color images, stored on a micro SD card which is inserted into the stick.
  • Images will require pre-processing into a custom file for now, which is limiting this design from going into full production.  (Future development will switch to a standard BMP image format.)
  • A control file is used to arrange the images in the order in which they are to be displayed.
  • This control file will also allow the user to set the speed in which each image repeats, how long each image is displayed, and how long to wait before the next image is displayed.
  • A three-way switch will provide the unit a way to power just the control board for updating of the firmware, or both control board and LEDs for a running show.
  • A trigger button will allow the performer to turn the unit on but not have it display anything till the button it pressed.  The same button also stops the display and resets it back to the beginning of the control file.
  • A soft glowing LED will be the indicator of the unit being powered and waiting to start the display.
  • Upon first power up, the unit will display a red-to-green gradient chase indicating battery voltage.
  • During a show, if the battery voltage drops too much, the unit will simply stop displaying anything.  (Future development will allow the unit to lower its brightness and continue to run before ultimately cutting out completely.)
  • A swivel will allow the unit to rotate freely while being spun.
  • Future firmware upgrade is possible, as will minor hardware changes.

That’s it for now.  The rest has all been pushed to a next revision (or I’ve forgotten about it here.)